Global Tramp Imports is a fair-trade, ethically-minded buyer of handmade clothing, handbags and maker of jewelry

I travel off the beaten track to remote villages to buy beautifully unique, handmade items from the makers themselves, where possible.

Laotian Handmade Pants

Summer Dresses

Funky Onesies

Ecuadorian Ponchos


Silk Wrap Pants

Gypsy Jingle Pants

Thai Harem Pants

Thai Assym Pants

Men’s Festival Shorts

Men’s Festival Pants

Men’s Hemp Pants


Jade Leather Utility Belts

Hmong Silver Bracelets

Guatemalan Huipile Purses

Men’s Hemp Hats

Plus many other items

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I enjoy going to local artisan markets to browse for ideas, admire the crafts, immerse in the frenetic energy and negotiate fair prices for quality items.


Phone: +1 416 940 0972